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IT service management (ITSM)

As the need for digitalization within financial institutions continues to grow with the post-COVID world, it has become increasingly clear just how important IT service management (ITSM) is to perfecting the quality of service and experience delivered. Perfecting service operation process maturity, reducing associated threats, and enhancing performance are all crucial elements that must be addressed in order for banks to meet the demand for always-available banking.

The service operation function within IT shops of numerous financial institutions is focused on ensuring the delivery of a reliable, stable, and efficient IT service, which is essential for meeting customer expectations and ensures the continuity of services. This includes monitoring and controlling incident resolution, problem analysis and resolution, change management, capacity planning, security and access control, as well as being able to adapt to regulatory requirements.

To effectively manage ITSM processes and ensure the highest level of quality assurance, fiscal institutions must ensure that they have an appropriate framework in place to ensure successful implementation. This requires having a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of their IT environment including technologies, tools, processes and people. Additionally, they must continually review their operations with the help of data analytics in order to identify any potential risks or areas for improvement.

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